Govendistanbul – En

Govend is Kurdish traditional dancing and singing culture. It is the general name of Kurdish Dances. Arjen Brûsk is a dancer, musician, composer, instructor, choreographer, researcher and independent artist. Govendistanbul is a Kurdish traditional dance education-performance project, created by him.

Arjen is teaching Kurdish dance Govend in detail with a special, basic and rich repertoire created by him from all part of Kurdish Area. Courses start at the beginner level. At the end of the training season, the participants have gained a basic technical and characteristic familiarity with the Kurdish dances, reaching a level where they can dance and reach out to all the Kurdish dances they can encounter and reach a dance technique that can do solo.

In the course; the Kurdish dances rooted in a large part of the Mesopotamia, Anatolian and Middle East geography; In addition to the studies carried out by special arrangement based on the “living in the public”, basic repertoire education, characteristic examination-technical analysis studies and solo studies in Kurdish dances are also included.


kurdish dance govend courses by Arjen Brûsk



News, photos, videos from the lessons, performances and events:


Youtube video list:



More videos for works:

Youtube channel 1


Youtube channel 2

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